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Mike Dandridge Speaking at Rotary Club


Common sense approach to your security needs.

Our unique ability to address the needs of a broad range clients sets us apart. We can work with individuals and their families, small business owners; with larger corporations and visiting VIPs and Dignitaries.  Regardless of the size or situation, our goal is to help educate our clients on what they may face and help them meet those needs.  We will guide the client to understand what they may need to protect themselves and their family, event attendees, and their employees both in the work space or traveling domestically and internationally.  We help our clients navigate through the risks they face every day without interrupting their current lifestyle.

CD Risk Consulting can help you prepare to be ready to react and feel more comfortable handling whatever the situation may occur.

"Mike provided an excellent analysis of international travel destinations for a business trip I had this fall. His pre-travel preparation suggestions made my two-week, seven-country journey extremely smooth. His knowledge of foreign customs, procedures and his access to accurate and concise information are invaluable."

Martin Vaughn, CA

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