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Are you responsible for the safety needs for your school and cringe each time there is a news story of an incident at a school?  Do you have the thoughts of, are we prepared for this?  How do we prevent this??  School security should be an everyone-must-help approach from parents, senior administration, faculty, students, and staff.  Everyone must take part in this community to make it successful. 

  • Along with your current safety staff, meet with Sr Administration, Faculty, Students, and staff to identify the concerns and to establish goals for the program.

  • Review the current usage of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS), Technology, Risk and Threat Assessments to evaluate the status of your programs.


  • Help guide you to create and improve on your programs to help mitigate any future risks/threats and help establish a training program both small and large scale with after action reports.

Don’t wait until you have an incident.  Act now to get ahead of any potential threat.  Schedule a call today. 


Click the Connect Us button and let’s get started. 

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