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Are you a high-net-worth family or CEO needing some additional protection?  Are you a Detail Lead needing additional resources to supplement your current team?  We are highly trained and experienced personnel who focus on maintaining comprehensive protections of the principal, family, and associates in a non-confrontational manner.  We respect the client’s privacy and can seamlessly blend into their environment without attracting attention.  The Personal and Executive Protection programs provide discreet protection for those with an elevated security risk, whether due to employment, travel needs or high-profile status.   

  • Expert knowledge and experience mean increased vigilance and superior performance.  Constantly running the What if scenario keeps the mind sharp to prepare and respond to any incidents.

  • Our team members are experienced in executive protection and defensive driving and are certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).  Trained to respond to medical incidents in the air and at sea. 

  • Our consultants work alongside your existing team to help with any on the ground needs i.e. Advance, driving, point person to detail lead.

  • ​Provide travel assistance when needed.  Experienced in extended domestic and international travel.

Elevate your security protection and book a call to see how we can assist you reach your safety needs.  Click the Contact Us button below to get started,

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