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Trade Show Hosting

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Are you an Event Coordinator having a large company meeting, event, or private meeting and you want to make sure all your attendees stay safe.  Having security for your event to make sure things go off without a hitch will be beneficial.  We’ve covered many events throughout the US and understand the importance of keeping things smooth and protecting the attendees and reputation of the company.  A customized safety plan can be created to assist you having a flawless event.

  • Establish an in-depth customized security plan for you and your Attendees’ safety after a thorough risk assessment is completed.

  • Help guide you to a smooth event, we will work with local law enforcement, partner with all private security teams and facility security to make sure all needs are coordinated with the event planners.

  • ​​Provide on the ground assistance and lead or work along with the existing security team.

​Make your next event a success and schedule your call with us Today.  Click the Contact Us button below to get started.

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