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Situational Awareness for the Rotary Melbourne FL

Back in September I made a trip to FL to team up with Jen Lee, of the I Need Blue Podcast, to speak with the Rotary Club of St. Cloud FL. We had a informative conversation discussing Situational Awareness and my analysis of a recent incident Jen experienced during a past trip and Jen's interaction with "Creepy Guy". We did a podcast together discussing on her show. Click here to listen to "Creepy Guy".

Jen and I have teamed to to spread the word on Situational Awareness and improving our personal safety. We discussed the importance of listening to your gut and your intuition is designed to keep you safe.

It's been a pleasure working alongside of Jen and looking forward to our next speaking engagement. To listen to additional stories on Jen's site, Click here for the I Need Blue Podcast at

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